Positive About Our Responsibilities

In our business, moving people between destinations is central to everything we do. We are increasingly looking at new and better ways to do this and are constantly finding ways to reach out to an even wider range of commuters. As part of a global business we are committed to embracing diversity and supporting the sustainability and development of the community in which we operate.

We have created additional opportunities within this market place for clients, by actively sourcing services from ground transport firms, and by lending assistance and expertise to help them to improve their service provision. To this end, we have invested substantially in wheelchair-friendly taxis capable of transporting users safely and comfortably. Our taxis are all wheelchair accessible and we work closely with people with disabilities to promote greater mobility for users of wheelchairs in the areas where we operate. Furthermore, as an employer, we have remained progressive on policies regarding the employment of disabled people and maintains the ethos of Positive About Disabled People.